A stylus is that part of the measuring system which makes contact with the component, causing the probe's mechanism to displace.

The generated signal enables a measurement to be taken. The feature to be inspected dictates the type and size of stylus used.

In all cases, however, maximum rigidity of the stylus and perfect sphericity of the tip are vital.

To achieve this, CNCI's stylus stems are produced on CNC machine tools to exacting standards. Great care is taken to ensure that location faces give maximum stiffness whilst stylus mass is optimised to suit CNCI's range of probes.

Genuine CNCI stylus balls are produced to the highest standards and are bonded to the stems in such a way as to ensure maximum joint integrity.

The performance of your gauging can easily be degraded if you use a stylus with poor ball roundness, poor ball location, bad thread ftor a compromised design that allows excessive bending during measurement. To ensure the integrity of the data you gather, make certain that you specify and use a stylus from the comprehensive range of genuine CNCI styli.

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